Our attractions are different than a standard haunted house. Our attractions are more of an immersive, interactive, theatrical performance than a haunted house, with the goal to entertain audiences as well as scare them. Story is important to us, and each of our attractions is built upon that foundation. We don’t have blood, guts, gore, chainsaws, etc in our attractions, but there are some scares lurking through our walls. Our goal is to entertain you with tales of the macabre, not just to scare you.

Our attractions are designed to have groups of 6-8 people at a time. You’ll have a tour guide with you the entire time.

Nevermoor has 2 haunted attractions, each about 10-12 minutes and a 15 minute escape room experience.

Tickets are $10/person for each haunted attraction, or $20 if you want to do both. Our 15 minute escape room experience "The Shed" is an additional $10.

We’re located in the Lindale Mall parking lot next to Firestone at the 1st Ave entrance (the old Planet X building)


Step inside Poe Manor, the long abandoned home of Bob and Mary Poe. You'll tour the house with your Spirit Guide, a medium tasked with ridding the house of uninvited guests. As the house comes alive, you'll begin to wonder just who the uninvited guests are...


Raven Air flight 815 has been struck by lightning and crashed into the jungle. As you disembark the plane, you're met by a strange castaway who's been on the island for years. They know a safe place to take shelter, and what choice do you have but to trust them...